After almost 15 years in operation we have educated 250 children from primary 1 – 5. We have fed , provided school uniforms, books and transported them from 3 pick up points to school and back – ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO THE CHILDREN. We also awarded scholarships to some of our pupils who have passed through our primary school, a private secondary school and are now in Universities . We look forward to our first graduation event in April 2022.

About Us

The UK Charity named God’s Children Empowered Ltd was created with the sole purpose of educating underprivileged children free.

In Jan 2006, 4 acres of land was given and the proprietress’s employer actively supported the project via fund raising events resulting in some £40,000 being raised to build the school.

After almost 15 years in operation we have educated 250 children  from primary 1 – 5. We have fed , provided school uniforms, books and transported them from 3 pick up points to school and back – ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO THE CHILDREN.
We also have scholarships to some very talented pupils who are now about to start graduating from Nigerian Universities from 2022 onwards. Again all costs of education , accommodation and pocket money were provided all free to the pupils.

Omolade and Adetoro Sijuwade

Memorial Nursery and Primary School was officially opened in December 2007 with an intake of 20 children each year. The school has the sole purpose of educating underprivileged children free. This was a God inspired project which has grown from strength to strength. These children are sponsored by individuals or other charities to whom we are very grateful.

The children are transported, uniformed, fed and educated free. These are children who are either orphaned or with a single parents and are very poor. There is a structured recruitment system put in place to ensure the children are truly from such a background. This includes visit of some members of the board of Governors to the potential school children’s homes. This is then followed by the child interview and the parent interview at the school premises.

As at November 2021, we have 1 head teacher,1 assistant head teacher ,1 gardener/ security man , 5 teachers , 1 school bus driver , 1 cook. Our school bus picks the children from designated meeting points and takes them to school and back in the afternoon after school.
We have a library where the children spend 30 mins each day except Thursday to read . There is also over 10 donated computers used to teach the pupils . On Thursday , a music teacher teaches on how to play the Keyboard and guitar. The children themselves used YouTube to self teach on how to play the recorder / flute.
Every Xmas , there is a xmas party where they have food and drinks that are special for the event. They also play with toys and puzzles and jigsaw.
From time to time there are school trips to the Ooni of Ile ife Palace , the Local Zoo , the Erin Ijesha waterfall.
As the proprietress of the school , I will like to thank  my ex colleagues at Deutsche Bank ,all the sponsors past and current . I thank God who has been the one overseeing the project .
Thank you all.

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God’s Children Empowered Partners

“Children are truly a blessing from God regardless of how they are introduced into the world or the circumstances surrounding their world. When my sister got the vision to open a school for the underprivileged and she put out a call for sponsors, I knew I had to respond to the call and sponsor a couple of children. I have visited the school a couple of times, and I can assure you that there is no greater fulfillment than seeing the eagerness in the children to learn and the progress they are making from one class to another. I am blessed knowing that I play a small part in impacting the children’s lives, by providing them the opportunity to maximize their full potential regardless of their circumstances.”

Mrs Adetutu Grace Canty

“It’s fulfilling to be part an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged, removing limits on their future. Something that will have an immeasurable ripple effect for generations. Seeing the pictures and reading the of the children’s progresss reports continually spurs us on. We’re glad to be partners with God’s Children Empowrered.”

Akin Ladapo,eMaginative Concepts

“It is a great priviledge to give. Being a single mother myself, and knowing the plights all single mothers face trying to raise their children, there really was no option but to lend myself to such a worthy cause by helping to support a child in receiving a proper education. As my late father said, “Education is the greatest legacy one can leave a child.” With that in mind, when the school was started by my sister, Mrs Jackie Adeola Oni, whom I greatly respect for her foresight and determnation, I knew that this was the right thing to do. As I have been blessed, so also I wish to be a blessing to others”.

Ms. Irene Adekemi Bosede Sijuwade.

“It’s been a great pleasure to be a sponsor in this charity that supports the less privileged children. I believe we are blessed to be a blessing.  The opportunity of being  a sponsor is a great privilege. The children are intelligent, creative and very grateful. I pray and wish that the school will continue to expand and there will be more sponsors to support the children who need help.”

Eucharia Emeruwa

“It has been my pleasure to support the extraordinary work that Gods Children have been doing to support, educate and improve the lives of these young children.To know that hope is restored to these young lives is enough encouragement to continue to support the good work of the school, it’s visionary and the entire team at the school that keeps the school going.

Omolade and Adetoro Memorial School is simply an amazing achievement with many of their children sought out from poor backgrounds, enrolled into the school for free, uniforms, books, feeding and transportation for free and to then note that the children that have done well are also supported all the way to University is simply astonishing.A very job well done to Mrs Jackie Oni and her team for the well organised and structured way in which the school is run and on the excellent support given to improve the lives of these young children

May the good Lord continue to bless your work and reward you for your love over these beautiful young ones”