About Us

The UK Charity named God’s Children Empowered Ltd was created with the sole purpose of educating underprivileged children free.
In Jan 2006, 4 acres of land was given and the proprietress’s employer actively supported the project via fund raising events resulting in some £40,000 being raised to build the school.

After almost 11 years in operation we have educated, fed , provide school uniforms and transported from 3 pick up points to school and back 175 Children – ALL FREE OF CHARGE TO THEM!

We had 3 exceptional children who were so brainy that they’ve gone to secondary school from primary 4 – 1 year earlier than normal! They were accepted into a fee paying secondary school after completing the entry exam and are at University studying Engineering ( boy) , Business admin( 2 girls). We expect more of our pupils to follow suit going forward.

Omolade and Adetoro Sijuwade Memorial Nursery and Primary School was officially opened in December 2007 with an intake of 20 children each year. The school has the sole purpose of educating underprivileged children free. Though the school follows the national curriculum , we try and encourage the children to take part in learning how to play the flute , competing in solving complex puzzle games and familiarising with the use of the internet . This is a God inspired project which has grown from strength to strength. These children are sponsored by individuals or other charities to whom we are very grateful.The child sponsorship is £20 per child per month or N5000 per child per month and a standing order form can be obtained by emailing Jackie_Oni@yahoo.co.uk

The children are transported, uniformed, fed and educated free. These are children who are either orphaned or with a single parents and are very poor. There is a structured recruitment system put in place to ensure the children are truly from such a background. This includes visit by some members of the board of Governors to the potential school children’s homes. This is then followed by the child interview and the parent interview at the school premises.The accounts of the charity are audited annually both of London and Nigerian accounts and are logged with Charity commission in the UK .

School Trip to Erinjesha waterfall

We are a UK and Nigeria registered Christian charity, set up to build a local nursery and primary school in Ile Ife, Nigeria and provide free education to underprivileged children who would otherwise not have the opportunity to go to school.

When the project was first conceived, we had no land nor funds to make our vision a reality. However we believed God to provide and sure enough land was soon donated, a whole four acres of land free of charge to the charity!

Omolade and Adetoro Sijuwade Memorial Nursery and Primary School
Many of our children are orphans or come from one parent families, otherwise they are children of hawkers, farmers and labourers.

Our children often start our education programme as stark illiterates, not understanding English at all. We support these children by providing for their transport to and from school, providing free lunches and most importantly, their education.

Mrs Jackie Oni is the visionary and proprietress of the school and she is supported by assigned trustee members on the ground who are professionals ( Architect , Magistrate , Engineer , Phamacist , Optician ). Jackie Oni is also supported to a great extent by the Headmaster , his wife and the general school staff. Our vision is one which is communicated always both to the staff and to the childrens Guardians.

We are grateful to God for allowing us fulfill this purpose and we also want to thank all sponsors both near and far as well as family and friends . Thanks for your support over the years . God Bless .