A year ago , a music academy was set up in the school charity to address the skill sets of children who may not be academically bright but may have skills in the music realm . Quite a lot of the instruments we use were donated ie Violin, guitar , drum set , flutes . A music teacher was hired to train 2 hours a week . We are very much encouraged how the children are doing . The below video is one of the music class on Thursday the 25th May 2023 .
we will continue to welcome donated instruments . Thank you
Miss Patience is one of the ( 295 to date ) that got free education via God’s children empowered charity and was sponsored on to a private secondary school and University. Patience Graduated with 2nd Class Upper 2:1 BSC Business Administration degree on 11th February 2023.
I BIG thank you to her sponsors . God Bless You
Patience has since gone ahead to d her NYSC 3 week training in Gombe state  and has now been posted to Osun state to resume an office appointment.
We wish Patience the very best in her future endeavors.