Our Services – Educating of poor children for empowerment.

School opened in 2007 and have since educated , fed , transported and uniformed 175 children to date.

If you would like to sponsor a child , it is £20 or N5000 per month per child . Standing order form can be obtained by emailing Jackie_Oni@yahoo.co.uk Thank You.


The below is a write up from one of our first pupils who is now at University-Timileyin Olajide  . He is the one who self taught and then taught the school children how to play songs using the recorder . There are many Timileyins out there who we can help but we need sponsorship to make it happen. Our sponsorship is £20 per child per month. Please forward this to as many people as you know who may want to sponsor a child . They can email me on jackie_oni@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you as you read in Timileyins words below – his story so far :
Firstly, I give thanks to the almighty God for this privilege, and I give thanks to my best mummy who has been there for me all this while (mummy Jackie Oni) and to my guardians pastor and mrs Fajemiyo for their support over my life. Mummy Jackie oni from my experience said to be God sent from heaven for we less privileged souls.
To be candid I was 9years old then when I lost my father on 21 of February 2007 who was one of the CAC pastors, after his death my mother was the only one taking care of me and my siblings, i have three sisters and one brother and am the last born of the house, so my mother started keeping us financially and she was trying her best to give us sound education.
To cut the story short someone introduced Omolade and Adetoro Sijuwade Memorial school to my mother then and she decided to take me to the school which I resisted then but realized she wanted the best for me, after we got to the school I was tested and I started with them in the school.
I was given a scholarship to one of the best secondary school here in Nigeria, the school started providing all my needs and I was proud among my colleagues. I passed out from the secondary school in 2016/2017. After my graduation from the secondary school my mother also fell sick then I started taking care of her because my sisters were in there different schools, in short after all the money we spent on her in different hospitals and with all different tests, she was diagnosed for cancer of the lungs, she eventually died on the 26th of February 2018 and since then the school has been helping me by giving me monthly allowance which I used for living.
God has been keeping I and my siblings, this God has made way for me to get admission to the higher institution (Ekiti state university) to study Electrical Engineering which has been my ambition,  still being  sponsored by the school.
University is another life entirely which I believe God will help me through,  God and the school has made me feel comfortable and convinent here in school(University).
Omolade and Adetoro sijuwade memorial school has impacted many good things into my life and I pray the school will never and ever go down.
I want to use this opportunity to say big thanks to all my sponsors. I pray the almighty God will continue to bless you abundantly in Jesus name Amen.
Still remain Olajide Timileyin Olamide.
Thank you
Picture taken at University campus.
remain Olajide Timileyin Olamide. Thank you
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Our Needs – Our new bus donated in 2007 needs to be replaced .

A brand new school bus was donated to the school ( as seen above ) in 2008. It now needs to be replaced as we keep replacing parts despite monthly servicing . The bus does 4 trips a day picking and dropping the children at various pickup/ drop off points . We will really appreciate your contribution towards buying either a new or fairly new school bus . If you are an Organisation and can donate one, that will be fantastic. Kindly email jackie_oni@yahoo.co.uk if you wish to help with this. Many Thanks


Subar finished at our primary school at ile ife unnoticed last year but his amazing architectural / imaginative /design
work which was put in the school library caught my attention yesterday . This is a boy that needs encouraging by sending him to a private secondary school at ile ife. Sponsorship for Subar to go to private secondary school is £20 per month. We believe Subar is at a government secondary school .Subar in my opinion has talent that needs nurturing . Thesame day the appeal went out , a sponsor came forth and Subar is now at a private secondary school where they have already noticed his invention talent and its being displayed for others to see. 79e4e70c-d027-4087-903f-24224699b624(1)

Patience Tobias- Her story as an ex pupil of OAS primary school now a University Pupil

My name is Tobias Patience Ruth , I came from a polygamous family, which my parents were not able to finance my education. My parents are both farmers are still alive.
Education is life and illiteracy is a disease, this sponsorship has turned my life around and its bringing out the good side of me, I never new I was going this far neither can I boast ,and say what will have become of me if I wasn’t sponsored, this sponsorship has made me to understand the real meaning of education and also what it takes to be educated.
Only God knows what will have become of me if I wasn’t sponsored, I would have been an ignorant who doesn’t know the usefulness of education.
I want to be a business mogul in my after my university. I’ll say a big thank you to my sponsors for helping me and my family this far, I pray that almighty God reward you completely in Jesus name(amen).
Settling down at university is a huge transition and one I am struggling with, leaving my home, family and friends and things that are familiar. Mixing with lots of people with different thoughts, character and background.
The university is an entire world on its own which makes you or mar you into what you desire.

Aanu Olasoji- Her story as an ex pupil at OAS and now a University pupil

My name is olasoju aanuoluwapo omobolanle . I was born to the family of Mr and Mrs olasoji. My parent gave birth to seven children which am the last child of the family.
My father deal in farming while my mother is a petty trader.
I was seven years old when my father passed away and I was left with my mother.
Things were not going smoothly after my father’s death which make myself and my elder ones withdraw from school. I was at home for several months before I met someone to sponsor me in my education ( Mrs Oni Jackie) I was glad to go back to school because I don’t think I could ever know what is called education again in my entire life, but I thank God for sending an helper to assist my career.
My future ambition is to become a business woman . I say a very big thanks to my sponsors if not for them I won’t be able to get to where I am today
May God bless you and give you the strength to continue more.
Am now a student of federal University Oye Ekiti ( FUOYE) am in 100level studying Public Administration. Institution as done a great impact in my life,how to study harder and work well.
Am assuring my sponsors that I will always come out in flying colour after my examination.
I say a very big thank to my sponsors once again.. God bless