Patience Tobias Life changing story.

My name is Tobias Patience Ruth , I came from a polygamous family, which my parents were not able to finance my education. My parents are both farmers are still alive.
Education is life and illiteracy is a disease, this sponsorship has turned my life around and its bringing out the good side of me, I never new I was going this far neither can I boast ,and say what will have become of me if I wasn’t sponsored, this sponsorship has made me to understand the real meaning of education and also what it takes to be educated.
Only God knows what will have become of me if I wasn’t sponsored, I would have been an ignorant who doesn’t know the usefulness of education.
I want to be a business mogul in my after my university. I’ll say a big thank you to my sponsors for helping me and my family this far, I pray that almighty God reward you completely in Jesus name(amen).
Settling down at university is a huge transition and one I am struggling with, leaving my home, family and friends and things that are familiar. Mixing with lots of people with different thoughts, character and background.
The university is an entire world on its own which makes you or mar you into what you desire.

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